Vote for


for President of the United States

even if you have to WRITE HIM IN!

This isn't high school prom queen. This isn't a popularity contest - and we do NOT need another Barack Hussein Obama. You don't vote for someone because they have a pretty smile, or because you like the way they walk and act. You are an employer, and it is your responsibility to choose an employee that has the right job qualifications to perform the occupation of President of the United States.

As Commander in Chief - he should have experience leading a large group of armed people. As Signer of Laws, he should have proven experience in reading, understanding, and voting for the bills, and implications of those bills passed through congress. As prime representative of the American People - he should have a firm grasp on what the American People want, and on what they represent.

These are the qualifications you should look for, and these are the principles that Allen West holds dear. Click on a link below to see EXACTLY where Allen West stands - and keep this in mind: He does NOT need a teleprompter to tell him what he stands for and believes in!
What Allen West stands for:
National Security
Support and defense of the Constitution
Second Amendment Gun Rights
Second Amendment Gun Ownership
Freedom of Religion and Solid Christian Principles
What Allen West stands AGAINST:
Tyrrany and Big Government
Socialism and Big Government
Unfair Taxation
Illegal Immegration
Note: This page is NOT (yet) endorsed by Allen West - but by his supporters who WANT HIM go throw in his hat for the 2012 election. No campaign funds were used for the creation of this site.